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Head Teacher: Mrs Wendy Giles, NPQH, Headteacher

Performance and Data

The Year 6 Key Stage 2 results for 2018 assess the new, more challenging national curriculum which was introduced in 2014. 

Results are no longer reported as ‘levels’ and each pupil receives his or her result in Reading, Grammar, Punctuation and Spelling (GPS or also known as SPAG) and Mathematics as a scaled score. The expected score for the children is 100.


The other important measure is the amount of progress a child has made from the end of Year 2 to the end of Year 6. There is no ‘target’ for the amount of progress an individual pupil is expected to make, though the school sets ambitious expectations for each pupil.  The amount of progress a pupil makes contributes towards the school’s overall progress score.  A school is deemed to have achieved sufficient progress in all three subjects of reading, writing and maths if they report a progress score of at least -5 in English reading, -7 in writing and -5 in maths.

You can access a link to the school and colleges performance tables here.

As you know, Cage Green Primary School incorporates the Phoenix Centre and all published data sets include both provisions.