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Head Teacher: Mrs Wendy Giles, NPQH, Headteacher



All children are expected to attend school regularly.  If the school is open the children are expected and we actively promote 100% attendance for all our pupils.  

In cases of illness or exceptional circumstances relating to non-attendance, parents are asked to notify the school by telephoning or emailing ( the school on the first day of absence. If the absence continues for any length of time, please keep the school updated. A note confirming the reason for absence should be sent in with your child upon their return. By doing this we will then be able to fulfil our legal requirements regarding the registration of pupils and record the reason for absence in the class register.

All absences for which we do not receive valid reasons are shown as unauthorised absences on the pupil’s Annual Report. ALL unauthorised absences or frequent absences are monitored and in persistent or long-term cases the school will call upon the School Liaision Officer to visit the child’s home.

The attendance rate at Cage Green for the academic year 2018/19 was 95.02% and the rate of unauthorised absence is 1.12 %.

The school’s position on attendance and authorised and unauthorised absences is as follows (please see the Schools Attendance Policy):

Categorisation of absence at Cage Green Primary School:


  • Pupils who arrive late can cause disruption to both the teacher and the other pupils in the class. There are occasions when the lateness is unavoidable, due to difficulties at home or transport related problems. However, if a pupil arrives in the classroom after the register has been taken at the beginning of the morning session, he or she is deemed as late and the register will be marked accordingly.

  • Regular lateness will necessitate contact between the school and the home and could involve the School Liaison Officer.

  • The school expects all children to be on their playground to meet their teacher at 8.55 a.m each morning.  The school gates open at 8.45 am. 

The majority of pupils in the Phoenix Centre are brought to school by taxi. Those being brought in by parents should arrive at the main entrance of the Centre by 8.45 a.m., where they will be received by a member of the Centre’s staff.

Unauthorised and Authorised Absence

Absences in Term Time:

The school acknowledges that for a very small number of families, taking their child(ren) on holiday during term-time is the only opportunity they may have. Any request in this regard will require reasonable justification before approval can be given.

  • However apart from exceptional circumstances, we discourage the taking of holidays in term-time and would be unlikely to approve any requests from families where past attendance has been irregular or where there are clearly no exceptional circumstances to warrant the child’s (children’s) absence from school.

  • A Leave of Absence during term-time, whether taken as a succession of one or two days over a number of weeks or as a ‘blocked’ period can be disruptive to a child’s social and academic development as well as likely to give an inappropriate message to the child about the value of education.

  • If we do not agree the absence for your child and a Leave of Absence is still taken, the absence will be unauthorised and if more that 5 full days a fine notification may be issued. 

  • If a Leave of Absence has been agreed, due to exceptional circumstances, but the period of absence is longer than agreed, any extra time will be recorded as unauthorised.  Please click here to access the Pupil Absence Application Form

Authorised Absences

The following categories of absence are permitted and requests for time out of school during term-time (via the School’s Application for Pupil Absence form) is likely to be approved by the school:

  • Illness, medical, dental appointments and visits to other schools and other educational establishments for examinations, interviews etc.

  • Being absent from registration because of a medical or dental appointment is deemed as authorised, but we would appreciate in the interests of your child, if appointments could be made out of school hours, however we also recognise that this is not always possible. It is important that parents inform their child’s teacher in advance of any appointment, or contact the school office if the appointment is an emergency one. A letter explaining the absence is always preferable to a telephone call. Thank you.

  • If the school becomes concerned about the authenticity of any illness, the school may in certain circumstances consult its School Liaison Officer and the School Health Service or the pupil’s GP.

Days of religious observance

  • Absence from school to take part in any day set aside exclusively for religious observance by the religious body to which the parents belong, including religious festivals may be considered to be exceptional and therefore may be authorised by the school. 

  • We encourage all parents to give advance notice to their child’s teacher or the school office, particularly if the period of religious observance is likely to last for a long period of time.


A pupil who is excluded from school, for a fixed period in line with Cage Green’s Behaviour Policy, will remain on the school roll and the absence will be treated as authorised.

Any pupil, who is permanently excluded from the school, their absence is also deemed as being authorised while any review or appeal is in progress.

  • If a permanent exclusion is confirmed, the pupil’s name will be removed from the school’s roll on the school day either: after the appeal committee’s confirmation of permanent exclusion; or an expiry of the time allowed for appeals to be made; or, if before that, the pupil takes up a place elsewhere. In the interim period, absence will be recorded as authorised.

  • The class teacher of any excluded pupil remaining on the school roll will provide appropriate work during the absence period.

  • The responsibility for collecting and returning work to the child’s class teacher for marking, rests with the parent/carer.

Traveller pupils

  • While a pupil is away from school travelling, the child’s name will remain on the roll of the school and the absence will be recorded as authorised.

  • Distance learning packs for ‘Traveller pupils’ are not an alternative to attendance at school.

Family bereavements

  • We will respond sensitively to all requests in this category and are able to exercise discretion regarding the attendance at funerals or associated events.

  • We would be grateful if parents could contact the Headteacher directly in matters regarding family bereavements.

Special Occasions

  • There are exceptional occasions which may warrant a Leave of Absence.

  • Any requests for child absence within this category will be examined carefully, taking into account advance notice given by the parent, the pupil’s overall attendance pattern and the nature and frequency of the occasion.