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Head Teacher: Joanna Styles, Headteacher



Safeguarding the welfare of all our pupils is at the heart of everything that we do at Cage Green and their happiness is of great concern. We therefore encourage and expect them to discuss any aspects of school life which worries them and to share with us any perceived injustice which they have experienced or felt. The Headteacher, Phoenix Centre Leader, Assistant Headteachers, SENCo, Class Teachers, Teaching Assistants, Midday Meal Supervisors, the Site Manager and all support staff at the school, all play their part in helping pupils to resolve difficulties and to manage matters of a personal and social nature.

Cage Green provides school based counselling support for those pupils and their families who may be experiencing particular difficulties. In this regard, initial contact can be made, in confidence, to Joanna Styles, Headteacher.

The school provides further opportunities within which pupils are encouraged to express their feelings and raise issues of concern including through our School Council.

Circle Time – A regular class opportunity for all pupils to share issues relating to aspects within the personal, social education and citizenship curriculum is a very important regular timetabled feature and entitlement for every child. Such opportunities are held in high regard by the school and are so important in enabling us to maintain high standards and secure the happiness of every individual child.

Keeping in contact and Informal and Formal Meetings with Parents/Carers.

Where a situation occurs which the school believes requires your involvement, as a result of illness or an accident, we will contact you immediately using the telephone numbers you have given us. Your contact numbers, particularly for emergencies, are crucial and if your circumstances do change, please let us know straight away. We do appreciate it if you can keep us well informed on any issue that may affect your child for example:

  1. (a)  If your child tells you about someone or something at school that concerns him/her, then please share this with us. What initially may be very simple to sort out, if left could become a major problem for everyone concerned, particularly for your child.

  • (b)  When he/she is ill at home and unable to come to school, please telephone the school office (01732 354325) or email on the first day. If the illness continues, please send a letter of explanation on your child’s return to school to the class teacher.

  • (c)  If your transport arrangements change and you experience difficulties in getting your child to school before 8.55 a.m. or picking him/her up at the end of the day please let the school office know..

  • (d)  If you are not able to bring your child to school or collect him/her as a result of changed circumstances and a friend or designated carer does this on your behalf.

  • (e)  If you experience domestic difficulties and this may have the potential to unsettle your child emotionally and socially.

  • (f)  If your child has a specific medical problem.

  • (g)  If your child is behaving at home in a way that is causing the family anxiety and you are uncertain as to what the trigger is and how best to respond.

  • (h)  If you are uncertain about something that has been asked of you by the school.

Likewise, if we are concerned about something or need some clarification about an issue connected to your child, we will make contact with you as quickly as we can. Apart from such occasions, the school organises two formal meetings a year to enable you to gain an understanding about how well your child has settled into school and the progress he or she has made. In the Summer term, you will receive a report illustrating your child’s achievements and the progress he/she has made as well as being given a formal opportunity to meet with your child’s Class teacher to discuss the report if this is requested.

There are other opportunities throughout the year for parents to meet with teachers and advance notification for these events is given via the school newsletter or by letter from the teachers of individual classes.

Helping in School

Parents have many skills and talents that can benefit our pupils and the school welcomes the involvement of Parents and values the support they can give to learning. If a Parent is interested in working voluntarily in the school, we would ask that they contact the school so that we can include their details, including availability, specific interests and skills etc. on our Parent/Carer Helper Register. We will also require all Parents to be undertake an Enhanced DBS check to secure the safety and welfare of all our pupils and staff.

Homework Home/School Agreement

Home/School Agreement is the title of the school’s policy document relating to Homework. The information sets out the expectations for home study and the frequency of homework for pupils in all our classes and the range of curriculum areas pupils will be required to work on at home. The school recognises the crucial role that Parents play in supporting homework and that there may be occasions when because of a change in domestic circumstances, some pupils may not be able to meet the school’s expectations. Copies are available on request.

The Home/School Agreement document provides all relevant information about homework and class teachers will notify the parents/carers of the children early on in the Autumn Term about the day(s) on which homework will be sent and other aspects of its organisation. This is likely to vary according to the Year Group a pupil is in, but all learning at home will be based upon the principles and philosophy of the agreed school policy.