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Topic Web - Extreme Environments - for Terms 1 and 2 2018/19

Topic Web for Terms 5 and 6 2017/18 - Water is Life

Topic Web For Terms 3 & 4 2018 - Rainforests

Topic Web For Terms 1 & 2 2017 - Tonbridge Through The Ages

Science in Term 1

In Dragon Class, we have been learning about living things and their habitats. We have explored different areas around the school and discovered that there are lots of living things in compost heaps, under logs and in hedges, such as slugs, snails, centipedes and worms.

Our favourite discovery was the European Garden Spider. We discovered that they spin webs just about everywhere outside. We put a ‘Daddy Long Legs’ on a web and watched the spider shoot down and spin a web around it. The next day it had disappeared, because the spider had eaten it for supper during the night.


We now know that spiders are suited to an outdoor environment and webs are crucial for their survival, because they use them to trap their prey. 

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Dragon Class – The Great Maths Balloon Prank 2017!!

Dragon Class has been learning all about volume and capacity in their maths this week. They have used a range of practical techniques to investigate and gather new mathematical knowledge and understanding. By the end of the week, the children were able to calculate volume and planned to use this new skill to secretly work out the volume of balloons to fill Mr Garthwaite’s office!

Firstly, the children built a 1m³ box using cling film and metre sticks. Next, they filled their box with 94 balloons. They then measured the volumetric dimensions of the office, rounded them to the nearest metre and multiplied by 94 to get a total of 4,512 balloons!

Finally, we spend days inflating balloons and whilst Mr Garthwaite was out attending a meeting on Friday morning, the children filled his office with lots of colourful maths in the form of around 400 balloons! Mr Garthwaite was very surprised when he arrived back at his office!

Terms 3, 4 and 5 2017

Dragon class have been very busy in the last couple of terms!  Book week was great fun, we designed our own chocolate and made it and made and designed packaging for it, created our own hot chocolate potion, dressed up as our favourite book characters and kept diaries of our chocolatey week.

Science week was really interesting, we looked at forces and had balloon races, joined in Sublime Science at mainschool, making our own sherbet sweet and slime!  We also got to plant some vegetables and are looking forward to harvesting them.

In maths we have been working hard looking at division, fractions and time and our English lessons have had us doing some narrative writing.

English - Terms 1 and 2

We have been learning about the story of ‘The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe. We used drama to help us create our own versions of the story.  Nathan walked into the cupboard to find a book. He found himself walking deeper and deeper into the cupboard and to his surprise, he ended up in a strange land. It was very cold and full of snow and Ice. Nathan met a scary creature called ‘Mr Humonk’. He was half man, half orangutan! 

Joel is working very hard to edit and improve his writing. He is checking his spellings using a dictionary. Great work Joel!

Maths - Terms one and two

Ordering 2-digit numbers from smallest to largest.

Libby is using counters to help her understand place value.

Using the CPA (concrete, pictorial, abstract) approach to help understand subtraction and regrouping.  Some of the children can now subtract large numbers confidently using the column method of subtraction.

The children are learning how to add using the column method of addition.  They use manipulatives to help them understand the value of the numbers.

Charlie can now add numbers with up to 4-digits using the column addition method. He is extremely proud of himself and we celebrated his achievement with stickers, house points and a gold certificate.  Way to go Charlie!

Angles and Turns:  We covered a lot of work on angles and turns.  We learnt about quarter, half, three quarter and whole turns and most of us can turn in clockwise and anticlockwise directions.  We learnt all about right angles and angles on a straight line.  Furthermore, we learnt about acute, obtuse and reflex angles.  By the end of the unit, we could apply our knowledge of angles to predict angle sizes.  We also applied our understanding of degrees to creative algorithms and draw mazes using the Pro-Bots.  We had lots of fun!

On Thursday 6th October we took part in the Discovery Day at the Angel Centre. We had a fantastic day participating in all sorts of exciting activities. Our favourites were football, cricket, art & craft and bouncing high on the huge trampolines.

We learnt how to write formal letters during our English lessons, so that we could write and thank all of the wonderful volunteers. 


Meet two of our ten class pets, Twiggy and Bramble.  They are Indian Stick Insects and we are studying their life cycles as part of our Science curriculum. We also use them to help us learn our times tables and we are currently writing information texts about them. They are very friendly and tickle our arms when they walk on them! We are so pleased that we have them to help us with our learning.