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Griffin Class

We have been working hard in our maths lessons, exploring rods and tracks, adding, subtracting and looking at one more and one less. Our English has been looking at the book “Katie in London” for which we have designed our own crowns and written instructions to help someone else design a crown, we have looked at words connected with London and the Queen and made Houses of Parliament firework pictures.  We had lots of fun with a Pumpkin Investigation, measuring, rolling and carving them

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Term 5 2017

Welcome to the Summer term in Griffin Class, a term filled with castles!  Again, we have an exciting term ahead of us with a visit out of school to Leeds Castle. This will be supporting our topic work and will be very exciting. Watch this space for photographs.

In class, both before and after our visit, we will be learning all about castles. We have already asked some questions to find out information about castles through the ages including what jobs did they do in castles? What did they eat in castles? Where did they go to the toilet in castles? We cannot wait to share our work with you.

For science, this term we will be learning about ‘Animals including Humans’.  Throughout this topic, we will be extending our already extensive science vocabulary and learning the meaning of omnivore, herbivore and carnivore and which animals are which. This is a lot more tricky than you think! Did you know a pig is an omnivore? We will be learning how all animals grow and develop and what they need to do this. A special visitor will be coming to our classroom to help us learn this.

We continue to improve our English, Maths, phonics, SPAG and reading skills across the curriculum through our guided reading and focused sessions. We are hoping to perfect the use of connectives and conjunctions and to be able to ask and answer ‘wh’ questions this term. In maths we wish to become masters of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division.

This term Griffin class have set their own target to improve their handwriting, will you notice a difference at home??!!

Term 4 2017

Another exciting term begins in Griffin class. We are continuing to learn all about India including the most famous places we can visit there, do you know any already? We will also be considering how life in India is the same or different to our own lives. We will be using the internet to help us research this. At last we will also be answering the question; Are there playstations in India?

Our science topic this term is all about plants, we are hoping that we will be able to grow our own in the classroom and outside. Do you grow any plants or vegetables at home? We would love to see them.

In maths we are beginning to learn our times tables by making them with Numicon. We can already make the 2 and 5 times tables. We will be beginning to apply these multiplication skills to real life problems and to explain how we are doing them.

Book week is coming up and we will be having lots of exciting experiences… watch this space. Bring in some books to share with us.

At the end of term we will be learning the Easter story and why Easter is so important for Christians. 

13 to 17 March 2017 - National Science Week

Griffin class have had a fantastic National Science Week. We have conducted experiments and used our observational skills to help us learn about changes.

We started the week by learning and revising the life cycle of a butterfly. Ask me and see if I can remember it. We are eagerly awaiting our own butterflies to form their chrysalis and then emerge as butterflies. We learnt that this change was called metamorphosis.

Some of us were able to work with some gardeners from Notcutts to plants some radish seeds. Griffins are going to care for these and hopefully have some radishes to taste when they are grown.

We also learnt about Mary Anning, a lady who changed the face of science as we know it. She was famous for her discoveries and knowledge of fossils. She lived just before the Victorian times.

The highlight of our week was a visit from Sublime Science and Kitchen club. This was a thrilling fun filled hour where we learnt about how sound is made. Through vibrations! We made sweets (sherbet, which we didn’t really enjoy) and made slime!! The highlight of this hour was watching rockets fuelled by diet lemonade and Mentos. The reaction really did make the bottles and liquid take off like rockets. We were covered in lemonade. It was even better when they were propelled by air pressure into the air. We thought the bottles would fly off into space.

Kitchen club was a brilliant experience for some of us to use fresh ingredients to chop, label, cook and make a Lamb Tagine. We hoped you enjoyed sharing it with us at home.

Mrs Maher has promised we can try the Mentos experiment in the centre next week… she is a very brave lady! 

Autumn term in Griffins has been an exciting time. We have been learning all about the Victorians, their inventions, way of life, art and how they have had an impact on our lives. Our Victorian day was a great success, we enjoyed dressing up and joining main school to do some Victorian lessons. We will continue our exciting learning journey about Victorians until Christmas, considering the traditions and celebrations Victorians had at this time. Do we still celebrate in the same way?

We have also been learning all about materials and how they can change. We learnt new vocabulary, reversible and irreversible and were very excited to experiment these. We have tried to turn toasts back into bread and baked Hedgehog bread to observe whether the changes made were reversible. Now we will look at materials bending, twisting and stretching.

Alongside all of this we have worked hard in our reading, learning to read as a group and enjoy a range of texts and genres. We will continue to practise our skills of understanding our texts and answering ‘wh’ questions about them.

Griffins have also been working towards achieving our writing and maths targets and are beginning to work independently on a range of challenges our teachers give us. We really enjoy using manipulatives and props to help us do this.

However, our favourite activity by far is our weekly swimming session with the Tonbridge boys. In our time at the pool we practise getting changed and show off our swimming skills. The Tonbridge boys enjoy teaching us games to play in the pool and always help us.

We cannot wait for our new learning.

Term 3 2017

Term 3 is beginning in Griffin class, as does our exciting learning journey. This term we are taking up the challenge of learning to tell the time and solve some time problems. We will also be practising using money in real life contexts.

In our English we will be again increasing our knowledge of fiction and non fiction texts, having a go at writing our own fact files and stories. We will be practising our spelling of high frequency words and learning lots of new topic vocabulary.

Our exciting new topic this term is India. We will be exploring this vibrant culture and country through Geography and our art work. We will learn our countries of the world, different continents and seas and the different weathers and climates within these countries. Through our study of India we will learn the differences and similarities between our ways of life including clothing, food and school.

In science we will be learning how to classify animals and how they survive in a range of habitats. We will also extend our learning of recording and gathering information throughout the topic.

Please feel free to ask us for more information on what we are doing, we are more than happy to share. We are sure your children will enjoy talking about their new learning.

The Griffin team