Cage Green Primary School Cage Green Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN10 4PT T. 01732 354325 F. 01732 369 468
Head Teacher: Mrs Wendy Giles, NPQH, Headteacher


We appreciate the support and encouragement given by parents to the wearing of school uniform.

The school uniform is composed of common sense items of clothing, which are both practical and smart and also easily obtained from the school supplier: 

Paul Marchant (email)  or phone 01892 834372 or mobile 07710517237).

  • Boys:- White shirt, grey trousers or shorts and Cage Green sweatshirt. 
  • Girls: -White blouse, grey skirt/trousers and Cage Green sweatshirt.
  • Cage Green polo shirts for summer wear for boys and girls and blue and white dresses for girls during summer time, should all clearly be marked.
  • School shoes, (not trainers please) black in colour, should also be marked with your child’s name as well as all PE kit which comprises of shorts and a white or house coloured T-shirt and plimsolls. 
  • Hats, gloves, coats, scarves, bags, vest, socks, lunch boxes and drinks container also require marking with your child’s name.



Boys and girls – house colour t shirt (with school logo, optional), blue or black shorts, black plimsolls


Boys and girls: house colour t shirt (with school logo, optional), blue or black shorts, black plimsolls
Dark coloured tracksuit/jumper may be worn when weather gets colder. Old trainers would be useful for field-work.

Trainers should not be worn to and from school, or during class time.

Wellington boots may be worn to and from school during inclement weather, but children should change into shoes on arrival at school. Outdoor coats should be plain without brand logos. Denim jackets are not permitted. An apron or old shirt is essential for Art and Craft lessons.

Unsuitable footwear can cause accidents and we ask therefore that all pupils come to school in appropriate shoes/sandals. We also ask that jewellery and make–up is not worn and that for safety reasons, pupils with pierced ears only wear studs. Our Home/School Agreement which we ask Parents and Pupils to sign before they start at Cage Green includes reference to the wearing of school uniform and we thank Parents for their support in this matter.

Physical education activities take place regularly each week and as pupils are required to undress we ask that all clothing is marked with the child’s name so that lost clothing can be found and returned swiftly. Lost property is kept by the school and every half term the school organises a display of all unmarked items. This takes place on the playground and advance notice is given through the school Newsletter.

We would ask that Parents supply their child(ren) with an appropriate sized bag (which can be bought through Paul Marchant, our school supplier (email)  or phone 01892 834372 or mobile 07710517237) to transport their P.E. kit to and from school. Our cloakroom space, throughout the school, is extremely limited and in the interests of the health and safety of everyone who uses those areas, we would ask that overlarge bags are not brought into the building.