Cage Green Primary School Cage Green Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN10 4PT T. 01732 354325 F. 01732 369 468
Head Teacher: Mr Graeme Garthwaite, NPQH, Headteacher


Mr Graeme Garthwaite, Headteacher


Mrs Antonia Balaam, Chair of Governors


Senior Leadership Group:

Mr Graeme Garthwaite, Headteacher

Mrs Judi Beggs, Cage Green Special Educational Needs (SEN) and Phoenix Centre Leader (Autistic Provision)

Assistant Headteachers:

Mrs Rachel Cole

Mrs Sarah Creed,

Miss Anna Russell

Miss Jo Wilson


Designated Safeguarding Leads:

Mr Graeme Garthwaite

Mrs Judi Beggs

Mr Richard Hall


Subject Leaders:

Miss Jo Wilson, Maths Subject Leader

Miss Anna Russell, English Subject Leader 

Mrs Rachel Cole, Creative Subject Leader (Joint)

Mrs Jo Dove, Creative Subject Leader (Joint)

Mrs Sarah Creed, Science Subject Leader (Joint)

Miss Rhiannon Wellington, Science Subject Leader (Joint)

Class Teachers:

Early Years Foundation Stage, Mrs Rachel Cole and Miss Amy Pulham

Year 1 Miss Jo Wilson and Miss Jenny Wickham

Year 2 Miss Eloise Aldred and Miss Nicola Leppard

Year 3 Miss Laura Newman and Miss Rhiannon Wellington

Year 4  Mrs Anna Bert and Mr David Salter

Year 5 Mrs Sarah Creed/Mrs Chloe Hunt and Mr Jamie Gurr

Year 6 Mrs Kate Ewins and Miss Anna Russell

Additional Teaching Staff:

Mrs Kate Middleton, SENCo  - Ms Catherine Wickham, SENCo (Maternity cover for Kate Middleton)

Mr Richard Neal, Physical Education Specialist

Mr Stephen Friend, Supply Teacher,

Mrs Susannah Hamilton, Supply

Mrs Louise Barber, Mrs Judith Duckworth, Mrs Lisa Noble and Mrs Lisa Skelton - Class cover and Interventions 

Phoenix Centre For Autism Provision

Class 1 (Unicorn) Mrs Jo Dove

Class 2 (Griffin) Mrs Vicki Maher

Class 3 (Dragon) Mrs Brenda Rooke 

Additional Staffing Complement:

Pastoral Team:

Family Liaison Officer:   Mrs Luna Shacklock  

Children’s Counsellor:   Mrs Jeanette Archer

Pastoral Assistants:       Mrs Debbie Blake and Miss Abigail Gray 

SEN Team:

Mrs Kate Middleton, SENCo.  Ms Catherine Wickham (SENCo) - Maternity Temporary cover Kate Middleton

 Speech & Language Assistants:  Mrs Debbie Kidd and

                                                     Mrs Kim Rumbolt

 Administration Staff:

Mrs Lynda Boorman, Network Manager

Miss Sara Chester, Administration Assistant

Mrs Michele Ellis, Finance Administrator

Mrs Kim Gordon, School Secretary (Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays)

Mrs Anita Gower, Office Manager

Mr Stephen Stares, Site Manager

Mr James Gower, Assistant Site Manager

Teaching and Learning Support Staff:

Early Years Practitioners

Mrs Fiona Ashton, Mrs Zoe Bridge, Ms Kirstie Chatfield,  Mrs Karen Littlechild and Mrs Angela Taylor 

Key Stage 1

Mrs Wendy Eaton, Mrs Aimee Faulkner, Mrs Rebecca Glassborow,  Mrs Freda Sinfield and Mrs Emma Tomasek

Key Stage 2

Mrs Tracy Barone, Mrs Lorraine Broad, Miss Diane Brown, Ms Csilla Debreczeni, Mrs Jo Fisk, Mrs Eve Francis, Mrs Mandy Kerslake, Mr James Norman, Mrs Kim Phillips,  Mr Bruce Robertson and Mrs Tracy Snow.

Phoenix Centre for Autism

Mrs Catherine Armstrong, Miss Victoria Bailey, Miss Jo Barker, Miss Laura Chadwick,  Mrs Kate Hatt, Mrs Stephanie Jenner, Mrs Linda Logan, Mrs Stacey Lucas, Mrs Danielle Phipps (Relief TA) Miss Kim Smithers, Miss Liane Summers, Miss Belinda Walton, Miss Tracey Walton, Mrs Anna Watmore, Miss Belinda Wye

Midday Meals Supervision:

Miss Lynne Collins and Mrs Linda Paul.

Governing Body:

Mrs Antonia Balaam - Chair of Governing Body (email:

Mr Steve Cole

Mrs Torr Czarnowski

Mr Graeme Garthwaite 

Mr Nicolas Heslop 

Mrs Monica Pell - Vice Chair

Miss Anna Russell

Mr Mark Weiner

Mr Trevor Williams

Mrs Alexandra Wood