Cage Green Primary School Cage Green Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN10 4PT T. 01732 354325 F. 01732 369 468
Head Teacher: Joanna Styles, Headteacher

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Vision of the school 

"For every child to reach their potential"

Collaborative sharers will:

Have open discussion, listen to one another and take turns to share ideas. 

Ask questions and value other opinions.

Help and inspire eachother to consistently produce excellent work.

Creative explorers will:

Always be on the look out for exciting new ideas, exploring different ways of doing things. 

Find creative solutions to overcome difficulties using a range of methods and strategies.

Produce original work that is innovative and imaginative.

Independent thinkers will:

Be self motivated with a passion to always learn more. 

Use a wide range of resources to solve problems and overcome difficulties. 

Develop the curiosity and ability to ask great questions that open up further potential for learning and understanding.