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Head Teacher: Mr Graeme Garthwaite, NPQH, Headteacher

Year One

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Years 1 and 2 Topic Web - Victorians -Terms 1 and 2 2018/19

Topic web Terms 5 & 6 2017/18 - Seaside

Topic web Terms 3 & 4 2018 'Our Wonderful World'

Topic web Terms 1 & 2 2017/2018 Space 

Topic Web Terms 5 & 6 2017 - Castles

Topic Web Terms 3 & 4 2017 - India

Topic Web Terms 1 & 2 2016/2017 - Victorians

Term 4 2017

This term we have been doing lots of exciting things! 

As part of Book Week we had a day where the teachers came to school dressed up as characters from Charlie and the Chocolate Factory and we had a day of exciting activities.  We made Unicorn Horn sweets, designed packaging, learnt an Oompa Loompa dance and made magical potions!

We have been writing poems about Spring and the things that happen in Spring time.  We know that flowers start to grow and baby animals are born.  We were so lucky to have a baby lamb come to visit us from Miss Wickham’s farm.  We wrote some amazing poems about his fluffy wool and little pink ears.

We also had British Science Week this term and we learnt lots about the theme of ‘Changes’.  We investigated bubbles and how they are always round, learnt about which materials would melt ice the quickest, made fossils and took part in a Junk Percussion workshop.

Term 3, 2017

In Year 1 we took part in a KS1 Indian Festival day to kick start our topic of India.  We had a whole day of fun activities in each of the classrooms.  First of all we 'flew' to India together and then we took part in some Indian dancing, tasting of traditional food and designing Henna patterns.  We also learnt all about the Indian flag and found out what each colour means.  We had great fun making 'food maps' using real food such as rice, peppercorns and coffee beans to map out where this food is grown in India.  At the end of the day we 'flew' back to school and are now ready to find out more about India in our topic lessons!

Term 2 2016/2017

We have been learning about the Victorians as part of our topic and English work.  We pretended to be different people who were present at the coronation of Queen Victoria.  We acted out the scene and froze in position.  We then wrote diary entries imagining that we were Queen Victoria on the day she became Queen.

Term 1 2016/2017

We have been building numbers to 100 using Numicon shapes and cuisenaire rods.  We have been learning about how a 2 digit number is made up of tens and ones and have been exploring what these numbers look like.