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Head Teacher: Mr Graeme Garthwaite, NPQH, Headteacher

Year Five

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Topic Web - Rivers and Coasts - Terms 1 and 2 2018/19

This term in year 5 we have been learning about Rain forests, and in 5F we sketched and painted with acrylic paint, our own interpretations of jungle paintings by the french painter Henri Rousseau.

Topic Web Terms 5 and 6 2018 - Rainforests

Topic Web Terms 3 and 4 2018 - World War 11

Topic web Terms 1 and 2 2017/2018 Through The Ages

Year 5 Drawings of Stonehenge in the snow.

Parents Information Evening (7 June 2017) - Transfer to Secondary School

Parents Information Evening (7 June 2017) - Sex and Relationships Education 

Topic Web Terms 5 & 6 2017 Natural Disasters 

Topic Web Terms 3 & 4 2017 Ancient Greece

'Meet the Teacher' presentation 21 September 2016

Topic Web Terms 1 & 2 2016 Rivers and Coasts

Terms 5 and 6 2017:

Over the last two terms, we are studying ‘Natural Disasters’. We have already learnt about: hurricanes, tornadoes, tsunamis, earthquakes and volcano eruptions. In Art and Design and Technology, we have designed and made our own volcanoes. We have taken notes from information texts about these natural disasters, in order to produce our own information and advice text on how to survive one of these. We have been reading ‘Kensuke’s Kingdom’, which is a novel about a boy surviving a shipwreck. We have created new characters for the novel, as we have written a new chapter for the book that features our character! In Science, we are learning about life cycles of animals including human beings. 

Below are some sketches of Natural Disasters which the children did, as part of the introduction to our topic for this term.


Terms 3 and 4

In Year 5, we have studied ‘Ancient and Modern Greece’. This has involved learning Greek dancing in our Physical Education sessions, as well as finding out about the many contributions that the Ancient Greeks have made to the world and the influence that they have had on modern society. In our Reading lessons, we have read ‘Percy Jackson and the Lightning Thief’. We have designed and created our own Greek gods, inspired by the story, and used this as inspiration for our own writing. In our Computing lessons, we have learnt about ‘Online Safety’ and the importance of protecting ourselves and our information online. We have also had the joy of experiencing ‘British Science Week’, where we engaged with many scientific activities, as well as having worked with many people who came into school to share experiments with us!


Topic Web Terms 1 & 2 2015 - Through the Ages

Topic Web Terms 3 & 4 2016 - Rainforest

Topic Web Terms 5 & 6 2016 - World War II


Here is a bit of writing about what we did on Wednesday 13th April for World War II Day. 

On Wednesday, the children came into school to be taken back to Sunday 3rd September 1939 and the outbreak of war!

They heard the declaration of war spoken by Neville Chamberlain and learned about the invasion of Poland. They then were all issued with Identity Cards, made their own Ration Books and learned about the importance of these during the war and how food was rationed.

The children then were given different scenarios from World War II to act and also for them to learn about different situations in the war, such as being in an air raid shelter and a butcher's shop.

During the day, the air raid siren went off and the children had to learn to turn lights out and take shelter under the classroom tables! We also learned about the 'all clear siren'. 

We all made a label for ourselves so that we could be evacuees and learned about what happened to these children. We then made gas mask boxes and learned about why these were important during the war.