Cage Green Primary School

and The Phoenix Centre for Autism

Cage Green Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN10 4PT

01732 354325 or


Joanna Styles: Headteacher

Abby Carter, Deputy Headteacher (Monday, Tuesday)

Claire Ellis, Deputy Headteacher (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday)

Anna Clarke:  Assistant Headteacher 

Sarah Creed: Assistant Headteacher (Monday to Thursday)

Jo Dove: Phoenix Centre Leader

Jo Wilson: Assistant Headteacher


 Subject Leaders:

Kate Ewins: English Subject Leader 

Vicki Maher: Maths Subject Leader


Class Teachers:

Penguin Class: (Reception) Amy Pulham

Year One:  Liz Clark and Amber Maneekerd

Year Two:  Sarah Scott

Year Three:  Eloise Aldred 

Year Four:  Sarah Creed and Laura Newman

Year Five:  Jo Wilson and  Steve Friend

Year Six:  Anna Clarke and Kate Ewins 


Phoenix Centre Teachers

Unicorn: Jo Barker

Griffin:  Lisa Skelton

Dragon: Brenda Rooke 


SEN Team:

SENCo : Kate Middleton (Monday to Thursday)

SENCo: Vicki Maher (Friday)

Speech and Language Assistant:  Anna Burrows



Pastoral Team:

Family Liaison Officer:   Luna Shacklock 

Children’s Counsellor:   Jeanette Archer

Pastoral Assistant:         Debbie Blake 


Administration Staff:

Network Manager: Lynda Boorman

 Administration Assistant: Sara Chester

 Finance Administrator: Michele Ellis

 Office Manager:  Anita Gower

 School Secretary:  Pippa Hughes


Site Management:

Site Manager - Gary Ferguson


Teaching Assistants:

Early Years and Key Stage 1:

Donna Allan 

Tracy Barone 

Angela Taylor 

Emma Tomasek

Key Stage 2:

Catherine Armstrong

Lorraine Broad

Jo Fisk

Harriet Gaddwin

Mandy Kerslake

Kim Phillips

Bruce Robertson

Tracy Snow

 Freda Sinfield  (Early Years, KS1 & KS2)

Phoenix Centre Teaching Assistants

Fiona Ashton

Laura Chadwick

Kate Hatt

Stephanie Jenner

Stacey Lucas

Danielle Phipps

Belinda Walton

Tracey Walton

Anna Watmore

Jane Welch

Belinda Wye


MIdday Meals Supervisors

Toni Field, Tracy Humbles and Paula Roper


Governing Body:

Scott Pinder - Chair of Governing Body (email:

Andrea Carter

Anna Clarke

Liz Clark

David Evans

Eleanor Horswill

Naureen  Khalid

William Patrick

Sarah Smith

 Joanna Styles

Allan Williams

Alexandra Wood