Cage Green Primary School

and The Phoenix Centre for Autism

Cage Green Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN10 4PT

01732 354325


Joanna Styles: Headteacher

Abby Carter: Deputy Headteacher (Monday, Tuesday) Phase Leader R, 1 and 2

Claire Ellis: Deputy Headteacher (Wednesday, Thursday, Friday) Phase Leader R, 1 and 2

Anna Clarke:  Assistant Headteacher Phase Leader Years 5 and 6

Rebecca Georgiadis:  Assistant Headteacher.  Phase leader Years 3 and 4. Year 5 Intervention

Jo Dove: Phoenix Centre Leader

Jo Wilson: Assistant Headteacher (maternity leave from 3rd Sept 2021)


 Subject Leaders:

Vicki Maher: Maths Subject Leader

Rebecca Georgiadis:  English Team Leader, Writing Lead

Claire Wawman:  Reading Leader

Kate Ewins: Vocabulary Lead


Class Teachers:

Reception:  Francesca Atkinson

Year One:  Liz Clark and Amber Maneekerd

Year Two:  Abby Carter and Claire Ellis

Year Three:  Jennifer Morris

Year Four:  Stacey Melifonwu and  Sarah Creed 

Year Five:  Jessica Flisher and  Stefan Taylor

Year Six:  Anna Clarke and Kate Ewins 


Phoenix Centre Teachers

Ash: Jo Barker

Oak:   Melissa Scott

Birch: Brenda Rooke 


Additional Teachers 

Year Six Intervention: Claire Wawman

Laura Newman (maternity leave)


SEN Team:

SENCo : Vicki Maher

Speech and Language Assistant:  Anna Burrows



Pastoral Team:

Family Liaison Officer:   Luna Shacklock 

Children’s Counsellor:   J Archer

Pastoral Assistant:         Debbie Blake 


Administration Staff:

Senior Administrative Officer: Nicky Baillieu

Administration Assistant: Sara Chester

Attendance Officer and Health Care Assistant: Jessica Green


Site Management:

Site Manager - Tony Chapman


Teaching Assistants:

Early Years and Key Stage 1: 

Catherine Armstrong 

Tracy Barone 

Angela Taylor 

Key Stage 2:

Donna Allan

Lorraine Broad

Jo Fisk

Harriet Gaddwin (maternity leave)

Mandy Kerslake

Bruce Robertson

Freda Sinfield  (Early Years, KS1 & KS2)

Phoenix Centre Teaching Assistants

Fiona Ashton

Edith Cupper

Laura Chadwick

Kate Hatt

Danielle Phipps

Tracey Walton

Jane Welch

Belinda Wye


MIdday Meals Supervisors

Paula Roper

Jenny Scott


Governing Body:

Scott Pinder - Chair of Governing Body (email:

Andrea Carter

Anna Clarke

Liz Clark

David Evans

Eleanor Horswill

Naureen  Khalid

William Patrick

Sarah Smith

 Joanna Styles

Allan Williams

Alexandra Wood