Cage Green Primary School

and The Phoenix Centre for Autism

Cage Green Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN10 4PT

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Cage Green Primary School is a school for boys and girls between 4 and 11 years of age, and is part of Connect Schools Academy Trust

We are a two form entry school with a Published Admission Number (PAN) of 60. Should our PAN be exceeded, we will follow the Local Authority (LA) set criteria for admissions when offering places.



The Phoenix Centre for Autism is an integral part of the school. The PAN is 30 pupils. 

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Admissions and Integration Policy Statement  

Admission and Organisation of Classes

In line with the Local Authority’s admission’s policy, our youngest pupils are admitted to the school in September. The intake is not initially organised as two distinct classes as our large, well equipped open plan learning environment is used flexibly to provide for whole cohort and individual learning opportunities.

After the first term we are able to begin to consider the future formation of two classes of pupils. We look carefully at the needs of the children and the different qualities and attributes they demonstrate. We then aim to create classes that have a balance of boys and girls, a mix of ages, a range of abilities and a good social mix. However, we continue to take a flexible approach and will not fully determine the classes until the children are ready to make the transition to Year 1. We do exercise sensitivity and professionalism during this process and we recognise that where there are special family circumstances we will take this into consideration.

We are able to admit up to 30 pupils in our Key Stage 1 classes (Years R, 1 and 2) and 32 in our Key Stage 2 classes (Years 3, 4, 5 and 6). We admit up to 30 pupils within our Autistic Provision (The Phoenix Centre). Where classes have reached their maximum size and a Parent/Carer requires a place for their child(ren), an Appeals procedure relating to school admissions is operated by the Local Authority. In such circumstances the school will provide all information in this regard, including the LA’s contact number and name relating to Admission Appeals.

For admission to all classes in the school the sole criteria for admission is

a) children in the care of the Local Authority (Looked After Children)

b) children with a Statement of Special Educational Need where Cage Green Primary School is named on the Statement

c) siblings

d) proximity to the school

The school will ensure that in terms of its organisation of classes, the needs of the children are the most important priority and we aim to achieve a constructive dialogue with parents prior to the child’s start so that all factors can be considered enabling best placement to be secured.

The composition of both main school classes in each Year Group will be retained right throughout Key Stage 1 and Key Stage 2. Only in very specific circumstances would the composition of a class be re-organised.

The composition of classes within our Phoenix Centre for Autism is of necessity completely flexible dependent upon the needs of the children and this may vary year on year. The pre-requisites of attending the Centre are: A statement of SEN identifying ASD as the primary need and the success of inclusion dictates mainstream ability academically.

For all the children admitted at any point during an academic year their allocated class teacher(s) will be responsible for teaching them all elements of the National Curriculum and Religious Education. However, the school recognises the important role that subject specialists can play in raising standards of pupils’ achievement, and therefore there will be occasions when classes may be taught by a specialist teacher from a different part of the school. In this regard, the pupils are taught French in Key Stage Two and specialist Music teachers works with individuals and classes throughout the school.

Pupils arriving at Cage Green from other schools

For pupils who transfer to Cage Green from other schools, information relating to their previous experience, including Annual Reviews etc. is sought by our staff at the earliest opportunity to ensure the best possible transition and to support the pupil’s continuity of education. If a pupil has Special Educational Needs it is especially important that all the necessary information is made available quickly so that we can make appropriate arrangements to safeguard the pupil’s needs. Prior to the date of transfer, but usually soon after a place has been secured for a pupil, we aim to talk with the Parent/Carer about the child’s needs, his/her academic strengths and points for development as well as their interests, likes and dislikes and social skills. In advance of receiving any formal records, this exchange of information is deemed to be extremely valuable and very supportive.

Please contact the School's office on 01732 354325 and ask to speak to Mrs Gower, the School's Office Manager, to enquire about admissions numbers and to book a tour of the school. Visits are warmly welcomed.