Cage Green Primary School

and The Phoenix Centre for Autism

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Before and after School Clubs

 Due to COVID-19, we are not currently running our before and after school extra-curricular clubs.  This is to enable us to keep our bubbles unpopped.  As soon as we are able to safely restart our clubs we will do so.  We are currently exploring different ways of running clubs to provide extra curricular activities for our children. 

To see a sample of what we normally offer, please click here.

Please see below photographs from Papercraft and Water Colour Clubs:

External Before School Clubs:

Archery and Fencing (Monday)

Handball (Tuesday)

Gymnastics (Wednesday)



External After School Clubs:

Football for years 5 and 6 (Wednesday)

Spanish Club for Years 1 and 2 (Wednesday)

Football for Years 1 to 4 (Thursday)



Learning to play a musical instrument

Many of our older children are taught to play stringed, brass, woodwind and/or percussion instruments by teachers from Music Station. These lessons are a matter of choice for parents and a standard fee is charged. Further details are available from the School Office.