Cage Green Primary School

and The Phoenix Centre for Autism

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School Meals

Meal options

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Pupils may:

1. Remain in school and purchase a meal. We ask that all lunch money is paid into the school's bank account - Lloyds Bank 308451 CSAT T/A Cage Green Primary School 65390960.  If this is not possible, it should be brought into school in a sealed envelope with your child’s name, class teacher’s name and the amount, written on the outside. Please do not put anything else in the envelope. The cost of a school meal is currently £2.30 for pupils in both Key Stage 1 and in Key Stage 2. Payments should be made on the first school day of the week and meals can also be purchased in advance for a period of up to half a term.


2. Remain in school and eat a packed lunch brought from home. Packed lunch meals for all pupils in the school may be eaten between midday and the close of lunchtime at 1.30 pm. All meals, whether cooked by the school or brought in from home are supervised by the Midday Supervisory staff.  PLEASE DO NOT BRING ANY FORM OF NUTS INTO SCHOOL INCLUDING NUTELLA, OR SIMILAR, SANDWICH SPREAD.


3. Go home, provided a written request has been made by parents.


Pupils are given plenty of time to eat their lunches and despite the difficulties that we do have with available space inside the building, pupils are not pressured into eating their lunch quickly in order to release space for other pupils. We do of course expect all pupils to conduct themselves sensibly, whether they be eating school lunches or packed lunches and we do place due emphasis on good manners. Unnecessary talking is not acceptable, particularly when eating food and the importance of other good eating habits, sitting properly and eating over the table, not rushing eating, using knives, forks and spoons properly and cleaning up any spillage of food they make (if appropriate), are consistently reinforced by the adult supervisors.


In the interests of safety, pupils who have packed lunches are reminded of the risk to other pupils of bringing in to school items of food that may trigger an allergic reaction eg peanut allergy.


Pupils from the Centre join main school for lunch on a daily basis, alongside the main school pupils. The ratio of adults is high to ensure the experience is a positive one, whereby conversation and social skills practice is realised seamlessly.


'We have recently appointed a new catering contractor, Olive. They ensure that all school meals are ‘safe’ in regard to allergies, but the school encourages all parents/carers whose child(ren) is/are new to Cage Green, to meet with the Head of Kitchen, to discuss any aspects of the lunches that are provided. We understand that parents may be uncertain in the first few weeks as to whether they would like their child to have a meal prepared by our contractors or for their child to bring in their own packed lunch.

 If parents/carers would like an appointment with the Head of Kitchen, this can be made by telephoning our school office on 01732 354325.

To support the school’s commitment to healthy lifestyles, we encourage all pupils to drink water in school. Water containers can be accessed throughout the school day at designated times planned by the class teacher. All plastic drinks containers should be marked with the child’s name and taken home weekly to be washed.


Please note:

In times of hardship, unemployment, changes in family circumstances etc., free lunches are often able to be provided by the Local Authority. If Parents contact the school office in the first instance, concerns in relation to such matters will be dealt with sensitively and confidentially.