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Summer Sensation

We like to give our children a bit or responsibility so in July, our Year Six children organised our Summer Sensation.  They were given a budget to work with and from this budget they then had to organise stalls to create a bit of a summer fair.  They had to organise refreshments as part of this budgeting. You can see from the photos how well they did.  


Every other class used the Summer Sensation to show off their DT work.  Year One sewed bunting.  Year Two made a bridge as a result of their work on structures.  Year Three used their knowledge of circuits to build a buzzy game. Year Four made salads.  Year Five showed off their flood warning sensors.  


As staff, we were deeply impressed by how well the children did.  Staff were just there to help out and all the work was done by the children (including the tidying up). 


All these photos were taken by the children.