Cage Green Primary School

and The Phoenix Centre for Autism

Cage Green Road, Tonbridge, Kent, TN10 4PT

01732 354325


A 'Bulletin' giving highlights of activities taken place throughout the week, together with details of current and future events, is distributed weekly to parents.  


At the beginning of each big term, parents will receive copies of their child's Year Group Curriculum Overview. This gives details of the learning to be undertaken during that term.



Please click on the links below to see the weekly Newsletters/Bulletins:

Please click below to see the weekly bulletins for 2019/2020

 bulletin2 (2).pdfDownload
 Online Safety Bulletin Childrens mental health and the internet - week 2.pdfDownload
 Online Safety Bulletin - Gamer to Gambler - week 3.pdfDownload
 Online Safety Bulletin - Minecraft - week 1 (1).pdfDownload
 week 1, September 2019.pdfDownload
 week 10, February 2020.pdfDownload
 week 11, February 2020.pdfDownload
 week 12, March 2020.pdfDownload
 week 13, march 2020.pdfDownload
 week 2, September 2019.pdfDownload
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BI-WEEKLY NEWSLETTERS FOR 2019/20 (Discontinued in February 2020, now weekly Bulletins)

Please click on the links below to see the bi-weekly Newsletters:

 Newsleter September 2019 No_ 3.pdfDownload
 Newsletter December 2019 No_ 7.pdfDownload
 Newsletter December 2019 No_8.pdfDownload
 Newsletter January 17012020 No_ 9.pdfDownload
 Newsletter January 31012020 No_ 10.pdfDownload
 Newsletter November 2019 No_ 5.pdfDownload
 Newsletter November 2019 No_ 6.pdfDownload
 Newsletter October 2019 No_ 4.pdfDownload
 Newsletter September 2019 No_ 2.pdfDownload
 Newsletter September 2019.pdfDownload
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