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Cage Green Primary School

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Cage Green Primary School, Cage Green road, Tonbridge, TN10 4PT


01732 354325



Welcome From A Pupil

Leon recently wrote this about our school.  He did this at home without being asked and we think it's too good not to share with you as a welcome to our school.

Due to my research, I think Cage Green Primary School is one of the best schools in Tonbridge town or even the world and I will explain why. 

Cage Green has a welcoming community due to the teachers and children.  Cage Green children are some of the most helpful children I've even met in my lifetime.  The children always hold doors for adults and children.  Even the Reception children hold doors showing major respect and loyalty to their school.  


Playtime and Lunchtime
Miss Styles, the headteacher of this magnificent school, makes sure the children have plenty of safe, fun toys for lunchtimes and playtimes.  Also, finding toys that are safe and fun at the same time is a very hard job. Children are very well behaved and there are rarely incidents.  Cage Green School also provides an area called the Reflection Room to do homework if you can't do it at home. 


In the canteen, Miss Styles and other teachers have made it a lovely place to be.  I can't not think it is a five star restaurant as in decorations.  The food is mouth-watering.  I prefer this school canteen to most five-star restaurants.  I love Wednesdays which is roast potatoes and meat and the best overall gravy. 


The Phoenix Centre
Cage Green Primary School is very accommodating for specials needs because they've got their own building for autistic children called the Phoenix Centre.  


In conclusion, Cage Green Primary School is the best school in the entire world.