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Cage Green Primary School

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Cage Green Primary School, Cage Green road, Tonbridge, TN10 4PT


01732 354325



Welcome from the Headteacher

Welcome to Cage Green Primary school.

Last year, one of our Year Six children described Cage Green as “a safe place where you can achieve great things."  I think this sums us up very well. 

We believe that with the right support and opportunities, our Cage Green children can achieve anything.  We have a lot of confidence in the Growth Mindset approach which is embedded in everything that we do.  This teaches children that if they work hard, they are capable of anything; that when they get stuck the motto is, “ I can’t do it YET” and that mistakes are a healthy part of learning.

We want our children to be excited about coming to school.  Our new curriculum provides children not only with the academic learning that the government dictates, but also increases aspirations for the future, provides them with an understanding of the wider world in order to become great members of society, supports them in understanding how to stay physically and mentally healthy and encourages them in their own interests and beliefs.  Skills for life, as well as preparing children for the next stage of their education are very important to us.  Confidence and independence are at the centre of what we do.  Our teaching of English and maths is a little different to other schools to enable us to ensure that all children leave every lesson with the buzz of “I did great learning today!”

Community is a large part of our identity.  We aim to work alongside parents and carers to achieve our aims.  Our dedicated and hardworking staff go above and beyond every day to ensure that we meet the needs of all our children. This might be through individualised support for children that need an extra helping hand or through the many clubs that we run to ensure that all children’s talents are provided for. 

We think that our energetic, fun and hardworking children are the best that there are and we are enormously proud of our school and the children who are part of our community.    If you would like to come and see us in action, please contact the school office and speak to Miss Baillieu (Senior Admin Officer)  on 01732 354325 who can arrange a visit. 

Joanna Styles